Prayer for the 32 Counties of Ireland

Here is a resource which we hope to keep adding to as well as updating as appropriate. The points relating to each county are provided by informed intercessors from those counties. It should build into brief indicators for prayer for each of the 32 counties of the island of Ireland.

Click on the following links to see information relating to each specific county. The resource is presently incomplete. We will gradually build it as well as updating as appropriate...

  1. County Donegal (not entered yet)

  2. County Tyrone (not entered yet)

  3. County Derry/Londonderry (not entered yet)

  4. County Antrim (not entered yet)

  5. County Down (9 August 2023)

  6. County Armagh (not entered yet)

  7. County Monaghan (not entered yet)

  8. County Fermanagh (not entered yet)

  9. County Cavan (21 April 2023)

  10. County Leitrim (not entered yet)

  11. County Sligo (not entered yet)

  12. County Mayo (20 November 2022)

  13. County Roscommon (21 February 2023)

  14. County Galway (not entered yet)

  15. County Longford (not entered yet)

  16. County Westmeath (not entered yet)

  17. County Meath (not entered yet)

  18. County Louth (31 January 2023)

  19. County Dublin (21 May 2023)

  20. County Wicklow (not entered yet)

  21. County Kildare (7 March 2023)

  22. County Offaly (not entered yet)

  23. County Laois (not entered yet)

  24. County Kilkenny (not entered yet)

  25. County Carlow (not entered yet)

  26. County Wexford (not entered yet)

  27. County Waterford (not entered yet)

  28. County Tipperary (not entered yet)

  29. County Clare (not entered yet)

  30. County Limerick (not entered yet)

  31. County Cork (14 November 2022)

  32. County Kerry (14 September 2023)

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