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10 Days Prayer Guide 2020 Following the outline of the Lord's Prayer enables us to follow in the footsteps of Jesus as we pray. This prayer came from Jesus' deep and fulfilled place of intimacy with the Father. As we journey through these 10 days of prayer, we would encourage you to hear the voice of the Father inviting you to a deeper level of intimacy that will sustain and strengthen you through days of worldwide uncertainty.

Prayer for the 32 counties of Ireland. Here is a resource which we hope to keep adding to as well as updating as appropriate. The points relating to each county are provided by informed intercessors from those counties. It should build into brief indicators for prayer for each of the 32 counties of the island of Ireland.

Lenten Reflections for 2023. Here is the collection of brief Lenten reflections from 2023. The earlier ones are largely based on Psalm 23.

30 word prayers

A Biblical Mandate for 24/7 prayer

Dail Cabinet – September 2020 

Devotional – Your anchor holds within the veil

Global Day of Prayer – A Prayer for the World

How to pray the word

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