Irish Prayer

IPC seeks to connect people & prayer through
encouragement, strategy & joint gatherings.

What is IPC?

The IRISH PRAYER CANOPY exists to CONNECT, CELEBRATE and SUPPORT the groups of praying people across the whole island of Ireland through strategic joint gatherings, online communities and encouraging their rhythms of prayer.

The IPC is non–denominational and is founded on worship, prayer and intercession. It recognises that there can be something very big in something very small and seeks to “join the dots” so that the many small clusters of praying people scattered across the land may recognise their strategic role as part of the mighty army who cry out in desperation for God to come.

We don’t see this as just another co–operative or network. We believe that as people connect, gather in unity of heart, mind and voice, and support each other in their rhythms of prayer that God Himself will become the canopy over the land, His presence changing lives in miraculous ways, and empowering His Bride to step into her true identity. One glimpse of His presence and everything changes. As His light and presence grow as a canopy over us, so darkness across our land will be diminished.

Over all the glory will 
be the canopy

Isaiah 4 vs 5


IPC is for anyone in Ireland who already meets with others regularly to pray, and who desires to see God’s Kingdom come to this nation and beyond like never before. Read more...

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Prayer is not a new thing. Praying communities have existed for centuries in Ireland and people continue to pray today in churches, canteens, classrooms, cafes and beyond; the stories of answered prayers would fill a thousand books and we celebrate all that God has done and is doing. However, we believe that God is leading us into something new. Read more...

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When and where?

IPC meets in various locations across Ireland as opportunity arises. There are two types of gatherings which serve slightly different purposes.

Road Trip Gatherings

Members of IPC all travel to a pre–arranged location in Ireland, at the invitation of one of the participating prayer groups who will host the gathering. At these wider gatherings IPC members seek to encourage and support the host group by standing with them and blessing them in the place where God has planted them.We also share powerful times of worship and corporate prayer as we seek God together with united hearts, building the momentum of prayer and worship across the country.

Special Connection Meetings

IPC will also occasionally introduce more informal opportunities to connect with one another, build relationships and share faith–building stories of what God is doing across Ireland.These times of connecting will also take place in any location and could provide a useful forum through which to share relevant training for the needs of IPC members.


IPC is not a top–down model. It aims to facilitate the organic growth of connections between its members. It is our hope that as people dotted across the country gather to engage and pray with each other, that we will begin to see the dots join to make a shape which looks something like the Father’s heart for Ireland. Read more....

Through all of this our prayer is that individually and corporately, we will begin to expand our vision, our understanding, our passion, our influence…and ultimately, see God’s presence transforming the land as He is established as our canopy.

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Get Involved

If you would like more information, get involved or invite others to your community to pray please contact

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