Prayer for County Kerry

Prayer for the 32 Counties in Ireland

County Kerry

Nickname(s): The Kingdom (abbreviated from “Cair’s Kingdom”).

Motto(s): Comhar, Cabhair, Cairdeas  (Irish)

"Co-operation, Help, Friendship"

County Kerry (Irish: Contae Chiarraí) is located in the South-West Region and forms part of the province of Munster. It is named after the Ciarraige who lived in part of the present county. The population of the county was 147,707 at the 2016 census. Kerry is the fifth-largest of Ireland's 32 traditional counties by area and the 15th-largest by population. The county town is Tralee. The Lakes of Killarney, an area of outstanding natural beauty, are located in Killarney National Park. The Reeks District is home to Carrauntoohil, Ireland's highest mountain at 1,039m. The tip of the Dingle Peninsula is the most westerly point of Ireland. Kerry (Irish: Ciarraí) means the "people of Ciar" which was the name of the pre-Gaelic tribe who lived in part of the present county.  Source:

County Kerry has been referred to as ‘The Kingdom’ since the 1st century AD when the O’Connor chieftain Ciar took control of the territory between the Shannon esturary and the Maine river in the south. Before this, the territory was known as Clar na Cliabh or The Plain of Swords, but thanks to the O’Connors it became known as Ciar Raigh which translates as ‘Cair’s kingdom’ or possibly ‘Cair’s people’. Ciarraigh later became anglicised as Kerry, but was still referred to as ‘The Kingdom’ ever since. It is also said in Kerry that, “There are only two kingdoms, the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Kerry.” Source:

Prayer Points:

Let us pray into the Co Kerry nickname: The Kingdom. That the Kingdom of God be extended, not as a political or tribal territory, but in the hearts of men, women and children.

Let us pray into the Co Kerry motto: "Co-operation, Help, Friendship”, that God’s people and churches of different streams and denominations increasingly co-operate together and help one another in friendship in the Kingdom of God to reach their neighbours, communities and the whole county. That there be a fresh zeal for friendship evangelism. As we know most people find Jesus as a result of friends introducing them to the Gospel.

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