Prayer for County Kildare

Prayer for the 32 Counties in Ireland

County Kildare (Contae Chill Dara)  - Capital: Naas     -   Province: Leinster

Meaning of Kildare "Church of the oak"

Motto: Meanma agus Misneach  - "Spirit and Courage"

County Kildare is west of Ireland’s capital, Dublin and is known as "the Shortgrass County", revealing its fame for sheep farming in the plains to the south. It is also the horse breeding capital of Ireland and home to the Curragh Racecourse, as well as many stud farms including the Irish National Stud farm. Hence it is also called as well as the “The Thoroughbred County”. The county is known for its Horse Museum and Japanese Gardens.

Historically, it was inside the Anglicised area known as "The Pale" and ruled by landlords such as the Fitzgeralds. County Kildare is Ireland's wealthiest county outside Dublin with many middle- and upper-class residents mainly in the northeast of the county e.g., Naas and Maynooth. The largest town is Naas with a population of 30,000 and is also the county town.

The 2016 census recorded a population that was 80% Catholic, 9% of other stated religions, 10% with no religion and 2% not stated.

Kildare town is home to St. Brigid’s Cathedral, with a 12th-century round tower that offers panoramic views. Heather and gorse top the Bog of Allen’s peatlands to the north.

The county’s many castles are an indicator of its long and at times turbulent history. Troops garrisoned here could quickly be deployed into Dublin or dash out to crush frequent trouble in the midlands. They were also a great recruiting poster for any likely lad who despaired of life on the farm and saw more future in marching to fife and drum behind the Union flag. The plains of the Curragh hosted large military camps, and still do under the Irish tricolour.

The famous explorer Ernest Shackleton and Arthur Guinness 18th century politician, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and brewer (founder of Guinness Brewery) came from Kildare and the county is also location of Maynooth College.

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Points for Prayer (sent by a church leader in Co Kildare)

Pray that Christians in Co Kildare be re-awakened to the beauty of Jesus, and like St. Patrick, be compelled by love to move outwards in resurrection faith, obedience, courage, and sacrifice to make disciples of all people groups. Kildare’s motto is “Spirit and Courage”.

Pray for a new movement of God in an increasingly pagan population. That our Father would pour out His Spirit in power to spread Jesus into many hearts, as in the days of St. Patrick.

Pray that Christ’s followers in County Kildare will hold fast to the truths of Scripture in both belief and behaviour, despite opposition from liberalism and secularism, and conversely from the superstitions and traditions of Catholicism.

Ask the LORD to raise up godly leaders for Churches in County Kildare, as many Christian congregations and fellowships struggle in this regard.

Pray for a renewed willingness amongst believers to serve sacrificially, in using the gifts and talents which God has given them to build up His Church.


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