Prayer for Israel

From International Prayer Connections.....

We sense this is a key moment for the body of Christ to release a call to 21 days of focused prayer on behalf of Israel:  Jews, Arabs and Internationals – Oct 11th to Nov. 1st.

We want to pray for a Great Harvest and for the Peace of Jerusalem

In light of recent signs that I have shared - of a significant harvest emerging in the Middle East, and Israel now at war, we want to contend for the Gospel of the Kingdom to be proclaimed with demonstrations of power and love throughout the land of Israel.

Our of our partner ministries has hundreds of volunteer laborers prayer walking and sharing the message of Hope in Jesus across Israel this month.  Their assignment has heightened importance due to the war.  They are finding that people are more receptive than ever to the Gospel - but they need our prayers!

Will you pray with us for these Laborers, for a massive Harvest - and for Peace?

As the Lord leads you, would you consider praying each day for 21 days in your home, church, house of prayer, workplace, or prayer tower on behalf of the nation and peoples of Israel.

Follow THIS LINK for a .pdf file with useful prayer pointers.

Follow THIS LINK to the IPC website with some other information and resources.

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