Lent Day 44

the Last Supper

Lent Day 44

The Last Supper – something to think about

I’ve known for years that the Last Supper when Jesus initiated the communion has a lot of symbolism and meaning with regards to the Passover, and Jesus being our sacrificial Passover lamb for forgiveness of sin.  What a great truth!

But I didn’t know until very recently that there is also symbolism about marriage.  This is well worth doing a bit of study on.

A young man would go with his father, taking wine and a cup to the girl’s home and make the marriage proposal.  There was a protocol for doing this and having made his promises the young man would pour wine in the cup and drink before offering it to the young woman.  If she accepted it and drank from the cup then they were betrothed.  The man would then say that he wouldn’t drink of the fruit of the vine again until he came to take his bride to himself.

At the Last Supper Jesus was proposing marriage to his bride/church.  The marriage will be consummated on His return and the marriage supper of the Lamb.

So, when we take communion we are not only remembering Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf, we in the church are also promising ourselves fully to Him as His bride.  Wow!

There’s more.  But this is a short reflection.  Are we fully committed to relationship with Jesus, and in joyous anticipation of His return?

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