Lent Day 26

Mother's Day

… and gently lead those that are with young.

Comforting words to all mothers not just on this special day when we get to celebrate Motherhood, but for everyday. Words for mums who need encouragement and reassurance. Words that help in struggle with the challenges of sleepless nights, difficult children, wayward teens and even the concerns for our adult children. Words that we need to lean into when we feel the pressure of getting it right and living up to the expectations of what the world and others ask of us to be the perfect parent.

Our Good Shepherd sees and knows. He knows us, our abilities, our personalities, our strengths and weaknesses. He knows our children and He knows we are the best mother for them. We just need to lean into Him and trust Him to gently lead us.

All you mum’s take some time reading Psalm 23 today. May the words speak to you and give you hope and courage.


*Photo source Unsplash


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