Lent Day 22

Surely Goodness …

Someone once said, “Goodness is God giving us what we don’t deserve, and if you belong to the Good Shepherd, God’s goodness is always chasing after you.”

As I reflect on God’s goodness I am aware more and more that every day each and everyone of us are so in need of God’s GOODNESS and He gives it freely. This goodness of God is marked by His love, grace, mercy, generosity, forgiveness, faithfulness, truth, kindness, dependability, reliability and trustworthiness.

Often we walk through our day without recognising we’ve experienced God’s goodness. May today be different and may we have eyes to see and know His goodness embracing and helping us in whatever situation we find ourselves in.

Today I’m lifting those who’ve received difficult news and are walking through valleys of shadow. Good Shepherd meet them in their time of distress and touch them with and in Your goodness 🙏🙏🙏🐑


*Photo source Unsplash


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