Lent Day 18

My cup overflows...

We’ve talked about the Lord making provision for us and protecting us in the presence of our enemies and adversity.  That’s great!  But what about those of us who live quite comfortably and without any great sense of opposition or want in our daily lives?  You’d think we’d be completely content and that we’d appreciate all the Lord provides for us?

Instead, often we express dissatisfaction and complaint.  “If only…., God would do this for me”.  Sometimes we keep wanting more before we think we’ve enough.

The psalmist here asserts that his cup overflows.  Under God’s care he has more than enough.  God’s bounty meets all our needs and testifies to His wonderful care for us.  The challenge for me today is “Am I thankful?” and do I express gratitude to God and appreciation for Him to others around me.  Let us today make the effort to become more thankful.  In fact, why not begin to try each day to deliberately and specifically thank the Lord for something He’s done for us?

Lord.  Open my eyes to see Your provision and give me grace to live in thankfulness for it.

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