Lent Day 17

You anoint my head with oil.

At certain times of the year sheep will be plagued by nasal flies and other parasites. These flies like to lay their eggs on the soft tissue of the sheep’s nose. The eggs hatch and the larva start to burrow into the nasal cavity causing great distress and irritation to the sheep.

To help prevent this from happening and to protect the sheep the shepherd will make a mixture of oil and other chemicals and rub this into the sheep’s nose and head. At other times in order to help protect their sheep from certain disease the shepherd will make their sheep go through the sheep dip. Making sure the heads are submerged and covered by the oily dip.

Just like sheep we need the anointing of the Holy Spirit to give us the grace we need when faced with irritating people and situations that could cause us harm and damage. We need the protection and covering of the Holy Spirit.

Good Shepherd pour our Your Holy Spirit afresh on me today and pour out your Holy Spirit on my friends and family. Help us to live in the benefit of that anointing and may You be glorified in and through our lives. 🐑 🙏


*Photo source Unsplash

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