Lent Day 16

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.

As I read these words I am reminded of a dream Graham Cooke used to illustrate this verse.

In the dream he along side others had been fighting the enemies hordes. The battle was fierce, many were injured and many lost their lives, although they overcame everyone was exhausted, drained and battle worn. As they stood looking at the devastation they could see an even bigger army of the enemy coming over the horizon. They were all over come with sorrow and fear, there was no way they were fit or able to engage in another battle.

Just at this moment of despair Jesus appeared in the dream. He was standing beside a long table, set for a feast and He dressed as a waiter. Graham sat at the table and at this point Jesus spoke and asked him if he would like the soup or melon. Graham looked at Jesus and at the approaching army. Jesus asked him again, ‘Do you want soup or melon?’ Then a third time. It was at this point Graham realised Jesus was totally unperturbed by the threat of the enemy, He had no fear at all.

Graham knew what he had to do. He shouted I’ll have the soup.


Father thank you for the table you have prepared for me in the presence of my enemies.


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