Lent Day 15

You prepare a table before me …

When I

read these words from Psalm 23 I am always drawn to ponder on the Lord’s Table. Remembering the table prepared that Passover night when Jesus was betrayed. How He took two very familiar things from the meal; the bread and wine and blessed them and encouraged the disciples to eat and drink them. His words; ‘Take eat this is my body given for you‘ and ‘ Drink, this is the blood of the new covenant which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins.’ Do this in remembrance.

Jesus the Bread of Life given for us. Jesus Our redeemer offering the Cup of Redemption.

Can I encourage to stop at the table and linger there a while. Consider; remember; call you mind your need of Him; Jesus Your Good Shepherd, Your Redeemer and giver of life. Given and poured out for you. May you meet with Him today, may you be nourished and encouraged. May you be refreshed, renewed, healed. May you receive every good thing He has for you today. In your encounter may you experience more of Him and less of you.

Be bless 🙏


* Photo source Unsplash

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