Lent Day 14

You prepare a table before me

Coming into the summer season the shepherd takes time to check out and prepare the land his sheep will be grazing on. This is often high ground or tableland. Preparing will involve checking for any plants or snakes or anything else that may be harmful to his flock. He will check for any signs of predators and will avoid grazing his sheep in those areas. Having a source of fresh drinking water is vital so clearing out water holes or springs are all tasks that need to happen before be will take his sheep to higher ground. All this his important for the life and well being of His flock.

The ‘table’ or ground the Lord has prepared for us is not something to just be looked at or admired but it is to be taken as His provision for us. He invites us to partake of it and benefit from it.

There are many ways of doing this, by prayer; meditation; bible reading and communion and it is important to remember to partake. God will not always spoon feed us or bottle feed us.

Father thank You that You always have our best interests at heart. Thank You for Your provision and for Your desire to see us thrive and mature. Help us to take time and to be more consistent in coming to You.

photo *Margaret Clarke

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