Lent Day 12

Your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

When this psalm was scripted it would have been commonplace for a shepherd to carry a rod and staff. They were essential pieces to a shepherd’s work in caring for and looking after his sheep and they each had different purposes.

The rod would have been strong and sturdy and was used to protect and defend the flock from predators. It was also used by the shepherd when counting his flock.

The staff or shepherd’s crook had a curved end that was used to guide and rescue sheep, A shepherd’s crook is only used in sheep herding and not for caring or guiding other animals. So one could say the hallmark of a shepherd.

Consider how comforting it is to know that Jesus our Good Shepherd is ready to  protect us from danger, keep us close, guide us and rescue us when we go astray.  All the more to put our trust and confidence in Him.

*Photo source Unsplash

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