Lent Day 7

He restores my soul.
God is in the business of rescue and restoration and in His rich mercy He provides spaces and opportunities for us to have our soul restored. We need to take advantage of this as we cannot restore our soul ourselves we need to surrender and allow the Lord to do that.
Our soul is said to be our mind, heart, will, and imagination and it includes our thoughts, desires, passions, and dreams. The challenges of life with its ups and down, highs and lows can leave us drained, worn out and running on empty. In His wisdom God recognises our need to have times of rest, reflection, and replenishment where we can experience Him restoring our soul.
Perhaps today you feel tired, your thoughts are restless and your heart is heavy or maybe you’ve become discouraged because of deferred hopes and dreams? Maybe you’re just tired out with the heaviness of the responsibilities and pressures you face? I pray you pause and ask the Good Shepherd to lead you to a place where you have opportunity to rest and reflect, where you can find His refreshing and restoring touch 

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