Lent Day 6

‘He leads me beside quiet waters’

What a wonderful insight to our Lord the Good Shepherd, the one who leads us and doesn’t drive us. The one who knows where we are to go and even the best way and best pace to get there. The one who knows our needs, who provides and takes us to ‘quiet waters’ to places of refreshing and nourishment. All the more our need to stay close to Him and the flock and to follow where He leads. This leading and following comes out of a unique relationship that shepherd and sheep have.

The shepherd leads the sheep to quiet or still waters not to rushing rivers. You might ask why? There’s a good reason. Sheep don’t like to drink from fast running water; they cannot swim very well and would probably not survive if they fell into a deep, fast moving river. The shepherd knows!

Today take sometime out of the fast lane. Allow your Good Shepherd to lead you to quiet waters. Drink and be refreshed.


Photo source Unsplash

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