Lent Day 5

“In pastures of grass, he makes me to lie down”.

Pasture land full of green grass is what sheep love but what it is also they need for their health, nourishment and wellbeing. The shepherd always has the best interest in mind for his flock and knows how and where to best take them to graze.

Like sheep we too need to take time to ‘graze’ in God’s provided places of refreshing and rest not only for our spiritual health and well being but for our physical and emotional health and well being too. Perhaps like me your hectic routines, commitments and jam packed lifestyles leave little space for even a nibble of that luscious ‘green grass’! But we so need that rest and that nourishment.

This Lent perhaps you are in a place like me where you need to choose to make time and take space to allow the Good Shepherd to feed and encourage you. To allow your body to be refreshed and your mind rested.

I pray you may find your green pasture today 🙏


Photo Unsplash

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