Lent Day 4

“He makes me lie down …”

I’ve lingered a lot over these few words  I’ve wondered how does a shepherd actually MAKE a sheep lie down. It seems to me sheep run all over the place and getting them to lie down would be something of a challenge and difficult thing. Yet the shepherd knows his sheep he knows how to make them lie down and what’s best for them. He knows what’s needed for their health, growth and development and that they need that space to rest. So making them lie down is not a harsh forceful thing but a caring thing.

How often do we find ourselves ‘running all over the place, overstretched, overcommitted, exhausted. That’s often when our Good Shepherd steps in and makes us rest and be refreshed.

Today take some time to sit down and slow down. In prayer hand over to Him, your Good Shepherd the things that are weighing you down or causing you mental stress. Surrender to Him as ‘He makes you lie down’ appreciate and welcome His love and care in this. 🙌🐑


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