Lent Day 3

“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.”

Words scripted centuries ago by a shepherd king and what a statement that’s well worth pondering on.

My pondering caused me to consider whether you and I could also be as confident in the Lord our Shepherd’s care and comfort to make such a statement. Can we trust Him to watch over and provide for us?

 Maybe the challenge for some of us today is to confess those areas of want that we haven’t surrender to the Lord. Perhaps we feel they are too small or trivial or we find letting go and letting God difficult. Then there are situations where we are trying to do things in our own strength or are relying on others and not on our Good Shepherd.

 Whatever they are, come surrendering all, come confessing your need, come with expectation. Come to your Good Shepherd! You will receive mercy and know His goodness. 🐑


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