OIKOS Prayer App

Help prayer walk the nation

OIKOS is a prayer walking app. Was developed to help encourage folk to do just that and is now being used in over 550 places across the UK and Ireland.

The app is free to download and works on all smart phones, users simply tap the screen to log where they have prayed or had a faith conversation. People using the app are encouraged to put one prayer pin in per street (don’t pin if someone else has) and then share at house-to-house level.

OIKOS helps us to map our prayer and faith sharing coverage of the UK and Ireland. Coverage is tracked with a live ‘ticker’ on the Hope for Every Home website. You can also create your own OIKOS subgroup for a local prayer campaign. OIKOS gives you weekly and monthly feedback on how you and your group are doing.

The link is at the bottom of the ‘Hope for Every Home Ireland’ home page where it can be downloaded on a phone and also the latest ‘how to’ video. https://hopeforeveryhomeireland.org/

You can also find it free on your app store under OIKOS Outreach or just click the weblink Hope for Every Home: The Prayer App.

Would you help us create a movement covering the UK in prayer? Download OIKOS, pray for your street and share this e–mail with your networks.

Join the conversation on Facebook: hope4everyhome and let’s see what happens when we invite God into the conversation on a national scale!