Remember to pray for your MLA's

Whilst the tendency may be to become weary and cynical, may we suggest that the need to pray for our elected MLA’s is greater than ever at this time.  We’ve just had an election, and we’re presently waiting to see whether a working executive can be agreed and formed.

Prayer for our political leaders is a responsibility for the church, and is pleasing to God.

We have updated the lists and photos of your MLA’s on the website.  Please pray:

  1. For grace and honesty in the discussions and for wisdom in any agreements made.

  2. For good working relationships (one to one) amongst the elected MLA’s, not just along party lines, but that good cooperation may be found at constituency level, and a shared concern for the needs of the people.

  3. For God’s blessing on individual MLA’s who have taken on a difficult role.  May they be blessed and affirmed in their service.

  4. For God’s blessing on their health, family life, communication, physical safety as they fulfill their duties.

  5. For whatever other ways you feel led to pray…

Thank you for your support and faithfulness at this time.

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