Prayer Declaration

We give thanks for our Christian Heritage.
We ask forgiveness for the times we have not walked in it
Help us now to stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us;
Men and women of God who impacted the nations with the Gospel.

Prevent us from becoming religious – let us be a people of freedom and faith!
Transform us into a generation that will follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.
Make us one; in passion, purpose and love, a generation willing to give up our lives for others.
A pure and obedient people, a disciplined and servant-hearted nation.

Jesus, You have shown us a life in this world without materialism, selfishness and pride.
As a generation called to follow, we lay down our jobs, homes and possessions for the sake of the cross.
Called to be co-workers with Christ, we depend on Your strength and not ours.

Holy Spirit, may our eyes and ears always be open to Your leading
Give us the dreams and visions as You have promised.

We will carry Your heart for the lost, the broken, the sick and the oppressed.
Burden us with a desire to seek Your face; 24-7.
As holy people, set free, let us live life in abundance. Let us see Your Kingdom come.

As we stand here we give all of ourselves to You – less of us, more of You we pray.
We want to give you the weariness, the tears, the frustrations, the fears and the doubts.
We release our relationships, our hopes, our dreams and all our rights to You.
You are ours and we are Yours.

Awesome, indescribable, un-containable, glorious God
Father, Son, Holy Spirit,
Whatever it costs…COME ON!

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