We intend to add here various resources/articles for thought and discussion.

A TREE HAS ROOTS BOOKLET by Harry Smith. There is much in our separate histories on this island of Ireland that we collectively need to understand, own, repent of and be reconciled over. In this booklet Harry Smith will take you on a journey to help you to do just that!

Communion with God, a blog by Harry Smith Some reflections from 14 Oct 22. As we consider history from a place of intimacy with God we can experience the groaning of the spirit mentioned in Romans 8.

10 Tips for greater faith.  Pete Greig August 09.  Source 24-7 Prayer.

ABC of Prayer - Part 1 - A

ABC of Prayer - Part 2 - B

ABC of Prayer - Part 3 - C

ABC of Prayer - Part 4 - D

ABC of Prayer - Part 5 - E

ABC or Prayer - Part 6 - F

ABC of Prayer. Brian Mills is an executive member of the International Prayer Council and has served on the forefront of prayer mobilisation initiatives for the last four decades. He co-founded Interprayer, an organisation interested in developing community transformation around the world, and also encourages prayer at the Ashburnham Prayer Centre in Kent.

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