‘’Transformations Ireland’ has caught the imagination of Christians across the divide in Ireland on many key occasions. No–one present will ever forget our prayer gatherings at Stormont when the Lord blessed us with hope and vision for a shared future in Northern Ireland’.  
Bishop Harold Miller

‘We are delighted to support the work of Transformations Ireland as it networks, encourages and mobilises united prayer across Northern Ireland and Ireland’. 
Jane Holloway, Prayer Forum of British Isles and Ireland.

‘In the early Church there was commitment to the Gospel and to mission, commitment to one another and commitment to ‘Prayer’ as a Body. Throughout history, times of growth of repentance and revival have come as a result of Prayer. I am deeply thankful for groups such as Transformations Ireland who exist to see our nation blessed and transformed through united and fervent Prayer. Through the encouragement of relationships between Christians across an extensive and diverse range of denominations Transformations Ireland is seeing this vision realised in accordance with Jesus’ prayer to His Father in John Ch. 17. I wholeheartedly endorse the work  with which Transformations Ireland are involved and pray together with them that this nation of Ireland might know a spiritual Tsunnami of unprecedented revival.’ 
Pastor David Patterson

‘Transformations Ireland has been instrumental in bringing thousands of Christians together to pray for Ireland. This contribution to the church and its ministry of reconciliation has been very effective’. 
Pastor Paul Reid

 ‘Transformations Ireland – has been a group who call people to prayer, often in the early morning, (Mark 1:35) with the purpose of reaching across the denominations to pray for the people of our land. Each occasion has been a Spirit filled opportunity and it has been a pleasure to be involved’. 
Father Ciaran Dallat 

‘Transformations Ireland has provided a vital rallying call for the emerging generation in Ireland to engage in the business of prayer for the nation. Combining local prayer initiatives with large scale gatherings, their ministry has a strategic role to play in shaping the future of our land’. 
Adrian Eagleson, National Team Leader 24–7 Prayer Ireland

‘I believe Transformations offers us a wonderful opportunity to unite together to seek God’s face that he might visit us again in a spiritual awakening that will bless our nation and transform our society’ 
Rev. Brian Fletcher

Transformations Ireland has encouraged the mobilization of 1,000s of Christians to gather to pray for the island of Ireland, its people, politicians and governments. More than that it has inspired numerous local expressions of this global movement. In Ballynahinch we have developed a more passionate heart for God and a deeper commitment to our local community than at any time in recent history. For a number of churches unity is more important than denominationalism and we have known the reality of God’s promise of blessing because we have chosen to work together in areas of ministry and mission that have impacted our town for good. There have been times of fervent and passionate prayer which have gone side by side with practical outreach. The fruit of this united work has been people coming into the kingdom, more presence in and impact on the community and a greater love and appreciation of brothers and sisters in Christ from other churches. Transformations Ireland has provided a vision and a vehicle to encourage and assist us in this. 
Rev. David and Rev. Mairisine Stanfield

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