#SURGE: A surge is a strong, wavelike, forward movement, rush, or sweep.
#UPSURGE: An upward surge in the strength or quantity of something; an increase.

We will be posting on our website and social media sites prayer points to encourage prayer for cities, towns and villages across Ireland.

These points for prayer are gathered from people living in the areas we will be praying for.
We encourage you to pray over the period of a week at then we will finish with a Prayer of Blessing.

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Let’s cause an #UPSURGE in prayer for people and places across Ireland!

Prayer of Blessing 

At the end of each week we will use this prayer of blessing for each village, town or city that we pray for: 

In the mighty Name of Jesus we bless you ________ that you might prosper under the mighty hand of God.We bless you that justice and righteousness might take their proper place within your boundaries. We bless you that the favour of the Lord might rest upon you and give you peace. We bless you that the Father’s compassion might fall upon your people. We bless relationships in every household that there would be peace, love and understanding flowing between everyone.We bless your poor and needy that they might be lifted up.We bless your schools and colleges that they may be secure, safe places for teachers and pupils alike. We bless children’s capacity to learn and develop good healthy relationships.We bless your community policing force that they may serve with compassion, diligence and integrity. We bless your businesses and enterprises that they may prosper and be successful giving much back into the community. We bless the people of God in _________ that they might rise up with servant authority and become a people of blessing. We bless the churches in ________ that the Holy Spirit and the Word of God may flow out from you in power and that you serve in humility with a heart for unity.We bless you that the knowledge of Jesus might come in amongst you like a flood.We bless you that the joy of the Lord might be your strength. Amen.

#UPSURGE (Fri, Mar 09, 18)