Knowing the Times and Seasons

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Knowing the Times and Seasons – John and Christine Larkin

13–16 May 2022

We are pleased that John and Christine Larkin from Southampton will join us for several days in the middle of May.

John Larkin is based in Southampton.  He is oversight leader to Restoration House, a networking and equipping ministry serving the wider body of Christ in the region and Restoration House Communities, a group of churches across the south coast of England, the US and in the Philippines.

John’s testimony is that God, the Father, is the most wonderful encourager and John has a passion to see the encouragement of God released in the church.  He is known for his prophetic pastoral ministry and his passion for right relationships in the body of Christ.

Chris Larkin travelled for many years in her teaching and prophetic ministry.  Christine works with churches, leaders and ministries providing strategic and prophetic support as well as hosting Malachi 3:16 forums for dialogue around strategic issues facing the church today.

In Belfast John and Christine will lead a conversation with leaders of churches. The opportunity to join this conversation will be offered twice on Friday and on Monday morning with 15–20 at each so they can be a true conversation.

John and Christine write this:

In conversation – moving forward

The Lord is doing a new thing on the earth, His Kingdom is always increasing (Isaiah 9) and we are called to respond to what He is doing.  The question is ‘What do we see?’ and ‘What do we want?’. As we dialogue together we can gain greater understanding of what we see, have an opportunity to articulate our thoughts and seek a corporate vision for what the Lord is doing in our land today.

Romans 8:19 is an invitation to all of us to live as Jesus did on earth.  As the children of God start seeing and believing what Father is revealing it will cause a faith movement within churches and denominations, as folks desire authentic Christianity.  The ‘sons of God’ walk in humility and accountability to one another, committed to building His Kingdom and not their own. 

In these conversations John and Christine will share their vision about moving from barrenness to fruitfulness, enlarging our vision in this new season.  The key question is ‘what are the purposes of God for us today and how do we engage in those purposes together.’  The body of Christ has the mind of Christ and your contribution in this dialogue will be a valuable part of our journey into seeing and responding to the purposes He has for us today.



On Saturday 14th Christine hopes to lead a Dialogue – this is open to all who have an interest in discerning what God is saying at this time.

Christine writes thus:

Knowing the times and seasons

The Lord is doing a new thing on the earth, His Kingdom is always increasing (Isaiah 9) and we are called to respond to what He is doing.  The question is ‘What do we see?’ and ‘What do we want?’.  Chris Larkin will host a dialogue where we can share what we are seeing and our heart desires to see the purposes of God fulfilled in our time. 

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Knowing the Times and Seasons

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