Brief report and Funding appeal – March 2019

As you can see from the following, we have been busy, and our desire is to continue to serve in these activities, and with networking where opportunities arise.  Obviously though, there is the need for funds to cover costs.

We would be grateful if you would consider this request, whether a one–off donation, or by regular giving.  You can make a donation by sending a cheque to the address at the bottom of this page, or simply by clicking the “donate” button in the page footer.  Get in touch if you’d like to make a regular contribution.  We look forward to hearing from you.

With Blessings

Margaret Clarke


Brief report on activities 2018/2019 (compiled March 2019)

Stormont – At the time of writing, here in Northern Ireland we continue to be without a functioning Assembly.  We can see the effect of the lack of the Assembly in many aspects of society and communities.  Brexit on one level has been a distraction in all of it but there are deep seated issues at the root.  Relationship between the two parties is at an all–time low and looking from the outside in it will take a ‘miracle’ to see them sitting down and working together – but God is good at working miracles.  As we gather to pray in Stormont we have found our prayers broadening to simply – Lord have mercy, May Your Kingdom Come and Your will be done.  Recently we were challenged even on that – we were praying it with the expectation that God’s Kingdom would come as we in our hearts and thoughts perceived it – that it was not without our bias. We will be meeting on Thursday 28th March, joining in with the call going across these islands to pray for the nation. On Sunday 24th March 24–7PrayerIreland are encouraging people to gather to prayer walk at Stormont. Details here

Irish Prayer Canopy – The heart for bringing folks from various groups together for mutual support and encouragement continues and is expressed through our various activities.  There has only been one specific IPC event in recent months (Lisburn/Ballinderry).

Prayer Leaders Inspiring Prayer – This conference in March with Brian Mills, Jane Holloway and Daphne Godwin followed our time together in Larne.  It was a great success and we still meet folk who got a lot out of the few meetings together.  It definitely has inspired people to pray!

It’s Time – We partnered with Healing the Land and others for another prayer gathering at Nutt’s Corner. The prayers used on the day some of which we helped script are here:

Alistair Petrie’s visit – Took place in October over two weeks and involved two teaching conferences (Carryduff Elim, and The Upper Room).  Both events were, we feel, significant in terms of who heard the teaching and relationships developed.  Over the two weeks we facilitated over 35 meetings for Alistair, many of which were primarily relational and hopefully strategic.  We took a couple of days also in the South of Ireland to bring together various leaders of groups from Wexford, Kilkenny, Athlone, Mayo, West Cork, Limerick, Dublin.

Looking forward, we are already in early stages of planning this year’s tour.  Significant elements to build on from last tour are the networks growing in the South of Ireland and in County Down.  This year Alistair will also be keynote speaker at the annual FGB (Full Gospel Businessman’s) conference.

County Down Group – Arising from IPC activity, and more general networking we have seen a group of County Down leaders meet now several times for mutual encouragement, support and strategising.  There is a general sense of potential for “something about to happen” and an excitement over this in the group (comprising leaders from at least 7 or 8 groups) although we are still seeking specific discernment.  We plan to facilitate some teaching for the group in early April.

North/South Connections – there have been continued connections with Diane Hill in Athlone. Diane has organised a few prayer days and the 40 day prayer watch. We have connected with the folk from Wexford and West Cork and have plans for future connecting. Quite a few other ministries and networks are finding greater connectedness and relationship between the north and the south of Ireland. There are lots of ‘little fires’ throughout the land!

Houses of Prayer – The initial enthusiasm for LHOP’s has waned and there are only a few groups following this model however there are many small praying groups using the resources. I was able to again envision folk at a shared seminar in Presbyterian House, many of whom had not heard of Roy Godwin’s ‘Grace Outpouring’ book. So it was great to see folk envisioned. We were also blessed with a quick visit from Jim Ware and John Moles from North Devon House of prayer – we had a wonderful few days.

Resourcing – We continue with our Advent and Lent Blessings. It is amazing how these have been meaningful to people and there has been great encouraging feedback. I have heard of one minister printing them off and giving them out to the congregation.


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